Brown Rabbit / Donkey’s Busy Day / Hamish the Highland Cow / Home Sweet Hamish / Moon Rabbit / Mrs Floss & Mrs Fleece / Children’s Book Sketches

It’s Brown Rabbit’s first time in the city and his friend Little Rabbit has planned a busy day. But as they rush from shop to cafe to art gallery, Brown Rabbit starts to realize . . . There's only one thing in the city he really wants to see - and that’s Little Rabbit.

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The limited edition screenprints from Brown Rabbit in the City are for sale. These handmade prints are in low edition numbers due to the complex nature of the process and spread designs. If you would like to purchase a Moon Rabbit original print please contact Natalie for more information

Full spread: £600
Panels: £450 / £125
Please note: these prints don’t include the narrative text.